NAAC Accredited 'A' Grade Institution (CGPA 3.23)
Affiliated to M.D.U. Rohtak

Department of M.Voc. “Food Science and Nutrition”

Master of Vocational “Food Science & Nutrition” is a two year postgraduate program with four semesters of study. As per the regulations of UGC the student should undergo industrial training/internship for a minimum period of three months during the fourth semester. Master of Vocational (M.Voc) programs will provide industry relevant skills and knowledge in a specified job role to become a trained professional in that industry. This course helps students to deepen their knowledge in the importance of nutrition, food safety, food quality, food plant sanitation, food laws and regulations and food packaging. This training program is known to develop skilled food processing professionals as well as diet expert for healthcare industry. Like other vocational training programs, this one too is aimed at developing relevant set of skills among students. After completing this course, students will become skillful and knowledgeable in various areas of food processing and healthcare sector. Since it is a vocational training program, the curriculum gives adequate importance to practical training.